C24BA Committees

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A little time investment pays off big when we have vibrant and active committees. If you are interested in participating in one of the committees, contact C24BA today!


Ambassadors & Membership

This committee coordinates, plans and executes new member solicitation for C24BA. This committee also plays a vital role in assisting with existing member retention. The Membership Committee members can expect to help contact current members about their renewals, inform them of upcoming events and see if there is anything with which C24BA can assist. This group will also act as ambassadors for our new members. They’ll meet and/or contact new members and provide information about current and upcoming activities. This committee may also work the check-in tables at certain events and/or greet new and current members. 

Committee Members

Marketing & Communications

This committee is responsible for all communications that go out from C24BA. This includes our monthly newsletter, updating the website blog, event communications, press releases, letters to members, and all social media. This group also collects and shares any member events or news to keep our members and greater business community up to date on all that is happening. 

Committee Members

Events, Fundraising, & Programming

This committee focuses on official C24BA events for membership, the community, and fundraising. This committee will organize and arrange staff for various events throughout the year, including our annual events and educational programming. Committee members will develop event budgets and event outlines to submit to the Board of Directors for approval, as well as take charge in soliciting the engagement of donors, sponsors, and participants.

Committee Members