Our Mission, Vision, & Values

C24BA Guideposts

We’re committed to being a transparent organization guided by principles that hold everyone’s best interest in mind. Our Mission, Vision, and Values are truly the guideposts that we follow to ensure we remain an organization dedicated to supporting and providing valuable resources for our members and the community.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote, strengthen, and enhance the economic vitality of our diverse communities by focusing on education, promotion, and development of both the business and local communities.

Our Vision

To continually engage all businesses and organizations in our communities in activities that allow them to flourish and grow while also encouraging and welcoming new businesses, all with the goal of providing future opportunities for more economic growth for all.

Core Values

We act as trustworthy and responsible stewards of C24BA’s funds, seeking to direct resources with wisdom and integrity, always striving to ensure future stability.

We value … 

  • Innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. We deliver programs, services, and products that support the needs of businesses at every stage of development and encourage new ideas and creative thinking.
  • A collaborative environment. We connect businesses to each other, to prospective customers and to essential resources. We facilitate connections that lead to long-term business relationships built on trust.
  • Diversity and inclusivity. We respect the variety of people, businesses, and ideas in our community, encourage broad participation, and consider diversity to be an advantage. We ensure our membership, board, staff, committees, and programming is representative of the diversity that exists within our business community.
  • Accountability and open communication. We make evidence-informed decisions and take responsibility for our actions and outcomes and do so by encouraging genuine, honest, and open communication between all members and our community.
  • Relevant programming and services that are helpful and timely to our members and the larger business community.

We will act as advocates for our members in situations in which their interests intersect with local and state government agencies and organizations.