Merger FAQ

Exciting News! The Randolph & Stoughton Chambers Are Merging!

It is our pleasure to announce that earlier this year we entered into discussions to merge the Randolph and Stoughton Chambers of Commerce.

Both Chamber Boards of Directors determined this merger will be extremely beneficial to both Randolph and Stoughton businesses. With that in mind, a Merger Committee was formed and has been working steadily to prepare for officially merging and ironing out all the details to create a new, dynamic, and business supporting Chamber organization.

Always on alert for opportunities to support our member businesses, the Chairman of the Board of Stoughton and the Executive Director of Randolph were introduced by a company who belongs to both organizations. After many discussions, each Board voted to pursue a merger.

We have also received some helpful advice and guidance from another Massachusetts Chamber that has gone through the merger process. This advice has proved extremely helpful to us in making many decisions.

The merger of two successful Chambers will bring nothing but success. The combined membership will be over 250 members. The benefits to the two business communities are many, but here are some of the most compelling reasons behind merging:

  • Economic stability.
  • Expanding our current footprint to include towns in which we may not be currently active.
  • Stimulating growth — combining the strengths of each Chamber allows the new Chamber organization to give back more to both members and our communities.
  • Exponentially more resources and support for our members.
  • Larger networking opportunities.

Currently, and for 2021, everything remains the same.

Regarding membership, what you paid in 2020 will hold in 2021. There will be no increase in fees this year, nor will you be paying two membership fees.

  • 10 or less full-time employees: $150
  • 11-25 full-time employees: $200
  • 25-50 full-time employees: $250
  • 50+ full-time employees: $300

*Please note: A full-time employee is anyone working at least 30 hours a week. Non-profit organizations will pay $150, regardless of number of employees. 

The Merger Committee has had much discussion on name options. We have finalized the decision and are excited to introduce Connect 24 Business Alliance! We’ve shared this information with members and our community via email, social, and you can learn more about how we decided on the name in this blog post.

This merger opens many new venues for programs, networking and meetings. Our office location will be 6 South Main Street, Stetson Hall in Randolph. The Randolph Chamber of Commerce has been established for many years in Stetson Hall. It is a convenient location which brings benefits such as a large auditorium/banquet hall which will be conducive to gatherings once we are again able to safely meet in person.

The Merger Committee is positive that the new Board will guide Connect 24 Business Alliance to a successful and vibrant existence that will benefit all members.

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